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Daily Archives: October 18, 2016

Haji Qadir Koyi


Haji Qadir Koyi   Haji Qadir Koyi (Kurdish: Hacî Qadirî Koyî‎[1]), (* 1817 Koi Sanjaq -1897), was a Kurdish poet. He carried on the nationalistic message of Ahmad Khani in his writings. He wanted to enlighten the people and help them to remedy the problems of illiteracy and backwardness and …

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I’d still vote to go to war in Iraq


I’d still vote to go to war in Iraq Ann Clwyd Ifirst became aware of human rights atrocities in Iraq in the 70s, before I became a politician. I met Iraqi students in Cardiff, some of whom had been imprisoned in Basra, and what they told me was so terrible …

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