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Baban Emirate


The family of Baban (1649–1850) ruled a Kurdish principality which encompassed areas of present-day Iraqi Kurdistan and western Iran from the early 17th century until 1850. The Baban principality played an active role in Ottoman-Persian conflict. The founder of the princely Baban family is thought to be Ahmad Faqih or Faqi Ahmad from the district of …

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Mir Muhammad Rawandzi


Portrait of emir Muhammed rewanduz pasha   Mir Muhammad or Emir Muhammad or Mir Muhammad Rawandizi or Muhammed Pasha (b. 1783 in Rawandiz – d. 1838 in the hakkari region) was the last and greatest ruler of Soran emirate. Mir Muhammad was the son of emir of Soran Mustafa Beg. …

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Al-Malik as-Salih Najm al-Din Ayyub


As-salih Ayyub Al-Malik as-Salih Najm al-Din Ayyub ( Cairo, 5 November 1205 – 22 November 1249 in Al Mansurah), nickname: Abu al-Futuh (أبو الفتوح), also known as al-Malik al-Salih, was the Ayyubid ruler of Egypt from 1240 to 1249. Early life: In 1221 as-Salih became a hostage at the end …

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Sharafkhan Bidlisi


By Dr Kamal Mirawdeli Sharafkhan Bidlisi (Kurdish: Mír Sheref el Dín Bitlísí) was born to a ruling family from the tribe of Rozaki (Rozakí) in North Kurdistan in 1543. This background provided him with both opportunity to get excellent education in the sciences of his time, and also to become …

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Sykes-Picot Agreement 1916


Sykes-Picot Agreement 1916 WRITTEN BY: The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica Sykes-Picot Agreement, also called Asia Minor Agreement, (May 1916), secret convention made during World War I between Great Britain and France, with the assent of imperial Russia, for the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire. The agreement led to the division of Turkish-held Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine into various French- and British-administered areas. …

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History of the Medes (Median) empire


The Medes were an people of Aryan origin who inhabited the western and north-western portion of present-day Iran. By the 6th century BC (prior to the Persian invasion) the Medes were able to establish an empire that stretched from Aran (the modern-day Republic of Azerbaijan) to Central Asia and Afghanistan. Today’s population …

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Mysterious 4,000-year-old lost city discovered


A team of French archaeologists has located the remains of a lost ancient city in Iraqi Kurdistan. Over the course of six excavations between 2012 and 2018, researchers uncovered the ancient city at Kunara, near the Zagros mountains. Previously, experts had been prevented from exploring the site, near the modern …

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