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A famous musician of Kurd (Ziryab).


  1. Usama Hasib
    His real name was(Abu l-Hassan ‘Ali Ibn Nafi), his surname was ziryab, which is a name of a black bird in arabic, people called him Ziryab because of his toffee skin and awesome voice, he borned in 789AD from Mousl.
    His religion was Islam, when he was teenager he went to by Isaac Al-Mousli,
    He was another kurdish famous musician from Mousl, Isaac taught him how to play Oud, Ziryab was a clever student and it was a reason to been a musician of
    successor of Mousl in that time was Harun Al-Rashid, next successor of Andalus(Spain), in that time was Abdulrahman second, he puzzled by him and invited him, in 822AD Ziryab arrived to Qortoba (Cordoba), Ziryab arrived there at a suitable time, because in that time successor had a great bounty for art, and his works coruscationed and successor approved his works, Ziryab had been a singer of country and successor given a salary to Ziryab amount 200 golden coin and multi patency, that insitation was a reason for Ziryab to advanced his works, so could open the first institute of music in the world, restate lessons of harmony and found new tonal, Julian Rebiray Italian music historian, said structure of multi songs and tonals for the first time constructed in Qortoba(Cordoba), heplayed Oud, he added fifth sinew for Oud, Ziryab had a impact on Europian music special Spain, some of historian said he invented Flamenco, Ziryab was not only musician, he worked in multi extent like
    designer of clothes in that extent had an eclat that he had a beautiful savoir-faire and always he had best reparation.
    He espousaled the winter and summer clothes, and selected clothes which are suitable for between two seasons, he brought eastern clothes, under his impact industry of spinning , the labourer’s of the industry made designed striped, colred, transparen suit still it seen in Morocoo.
  2. Cooker he organized the meals and how to decorate eating table.
    Also he was singer, poet ,composer he found some new tonals which are have not before, meteorologist, geographer, botanist,
    astromer, cosmetician, barber advanced short hair style, except these he brought chees, teeth paste and perfume for Andalus(Spain), after 30 years living in Andalus(Spain) he died in 857AD, but some sources said in 854AD, the differenc is only four years and it´s a great evidence that the information about his biography and works are completely true, pessimistically now all of his works disappear, but by his invents he could got laurels and respect of lineage until now, now in multi Islamic countries a street or a caffe or a hotel or a club in the name of Ziryab, until now the Scholars and musicians of west are debtor him and respect him.

-its his sclupture from the Cordoba of Spain in the bottom up there are a bird, an oud and a bag which describe the oud of Zriab, the bird means his surname blackbird{Ziryab} and the bag means his other works, in the top down of the sclupture written his surname.


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