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Modern history of Kurdistan

Erbil / Hewler / Arbil / Irbil, Kurdistan, Iraq: main square, Shar Park, with crowds enjoying the pleasantly cool area created by the fountains - arcades on both sides and Nishtiman mall in front - Mosque and Erbil Clocktower on the left - dense traffic on Kirkuk avenue on the right - seen from the Erbil citadel - photo by M.Torres

Modern history of Kurdistan 1918: Sheikh Mahmoud Barzinji becomes governor of Suleimaniah under British rule. He and other Kurdish leaders who want Kurdistan to be ruled independently of Baghdad rebel against the British. He is defeated a year later. [1] 1923: The Treaty of Lausanne between Turkey and the allied …

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Behistun Inscription and large rock relief on a cliff at Mount Behistun in the Kermanshah Province of Iran. This multilingual inscription was crucial to the decipherment of cuneiform script. 0

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