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Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji


Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji (Kurdish: شێخ مه‌حموود بەرزنجی‎) or Mahmud Hafid Zadeh(1878 – October 9, 1956) was the leader of a series of Kurdish uprisings against the British Mandate of Iraq. He was sheikh of a QadiriyahSufi family of the Barzanji clan from the city of Sulaymaniyah, which is now in Iraqi Kurdistan. He was styled King of Kurdistan during several of these uprisings. …

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Hamidiye Cavalry


Hamidiye Cavalry After Sheikh Ubeydullah’s downfall, Kurdish insurrections lessened in occurrence and were only limited to local outbreaks. The cost of rebellion had become too high for many residents, and few leaders emerged to expand the tensions with the government beyond local issues. Certain groups resorted to brigandry and resistance …

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Sheikh Abdulsalam Barzani and Kurdistan Independence


Sheikh Abdulsalam Barzani and Kurdistan Independence The glimpse of information from Russian, Ottoman Turkish, and British government sources from early 20th century give us a different look and appreciation the role of Sheikh Abdulsalam Barzani in Kurdistan liberation movements’ history in multiple aspects. The available sources indicate he had a great …

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Abu-Hanifa Ahmad Dinawari


Abu-Hanifa Ahmad Dinawari   By Prof. M. R. Izady The year 1996 marks the 1,100th anniversary of the passing of one of the greatest Kurdish and Islamic minds of all times, Abu-Hanifa Ahmad Dinawari. Among the founders of the Islamic sciences as we know them today, he was born in Dinawar circa AD …

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