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Sharafnama book


The Sharafnama (Kurdish: شەرەفنامە Şerefname, “The Book of Honor”, Persian: Sharafname, شرفنامه) is the famous book of Sharaf al-Din Bitlisi(a medieval Kurdish historian and poet) (1543–1599), which he wrote in 1597, in Persian. Sharafnama is regarded as an important and oldest source on Kurdish history. It deals with the different Kurdish dynasties …

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Lost city mystery solved as archaeologists decipher ancient clay tablets


The discovery of clay tablets in Iraqi Kurdistan has helped archaeologists unlock the mystery of an ancient lost city. The 92 clay tablets were unearthed last summer by archaeologists from Germany’s University of Tübingen during an excavation in the village of Bassetki. Stored in a pottery vessel and wrapped with …

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I’d still vote to go to war in Iraq


I’d still vote to go to war in Iraq Ann Clwyd Ifirst became aware of human rights atrocities in Iraq in the 70s, before I became a politician. I met Iraqi students in Cardiff, some of whom had been imprisoned in Basra, and what they told me was so terrible …

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