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Sharafnama book


The Sharafnama (Kurdish: شەرەفنامە Şerefname, “The Book of Honor”, Persian: Sharafname, شرفنامه) is the famous book of Sharaf al-Din Bitlisi(a medieval Kurdish historian and poet) (1543–1599), which he wrote in 1597, in Persian. Sharafnama is regarded as an important and oldest source on Kurdish history. It deals with the different Kurdish dynasties …

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Haji Qadir Koyi

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Haji Qadir Koyi (Kurdish: حاجی قادری کۆیی, romanized: Hacî Qadirî Koyî; c. 1817-1897) was a Kurdish poet. He carried on the nationalistic message of Ahmad Khani in his writings. He wanted to enlighten the people and help them to remedy the problems of illiteracy and backwardness and ideas which result from lack …

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Ibrahim Pasha Milli


Ibrahim Pasha Milli, 1843 – 1908 (sometimes also referred to as ‘Milli Ibrahim Pasha’ of the tribe of Milli, Milan, Mellan; Turkish Brahim Paşayê Milî ar ابراهيم باشا ملى), was the chief of the Kurdish Milan tribal federation in Upper Mesopotamia, the Aleppo Vilayet, and the Syrian Vilayet of the …

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Abdullah Beg Benari


Abdullah Beg Benari was a Kurdish tribal leader, who lived from 1880 to 1939. He was the son of Sheikh Jahangir, who was the son of Sultan Beg, and a descendant of Bradostian Kurdish princes who fought in the battle of Dimdim Castle against the Iranian invasion by the Shah …

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Simko Shikak


Simko Shikak (born Ismail Agha Shikak 1887 – 1930, Kurdish: سمکۆی شکاک, romanized: Simko Şikak) was a Kurdish chieftain of the Shekaktribe. He was born into a prominent Kurdish feudal family based in Chihriq castle located near the Baranduz river in the Urmia region of northwestern Iran. By 1920, parts of …

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Qazi Muhammad


Biography Qazi Muhammad was born into a noble Kurdish family from Mahabad.  His father had cooperated with Ismail Shimko during his revolt against the Iranian government in the 1920s, and his brother Sadr Qazi was a member of the Iranian parliament. After his father’s death, he was nominated as a judge in …

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Celadet Alî Bedirxan


Celadet Alî Bedirxan (Kurdish: Celadet Alî Bedirxan ,جەلادەت عالی بەدرخان;[1][2] 26 April 1893 – 1951), also known as Mîr Celadet, was a Kurdish diplomat, writer, linguist, journalist and political activist. He held a master’s degree in law from Istanbul University, completed his studies in Munich, and spoke several languages including Arabic, …

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Soran Emirate


Soran Emirate (Kurdish: میرنشینی سۆران) was a medieval Kurdish emirate established before the conquest of Kurdistan by Ottoman Empire in 1514 and later revived by Emir Kor centered in Rawandiz from 1816 to 1836.  Kor was ousted in an offensive by the Ottomans. Early years/ While no date has been established for the …

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