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Sarduri II ( Kings of Urartu )

Sarduri II (ruled: 764–735 BC) was a King of Urartu, succeeding his father Argishti I to the throne. The Urartian Kingdom was at its peak during his reign, campaigning successfully against several neighbouring powers, including Assyria.

Sarduri II
King of Urartu
Reign 764–735 BC
Predecessor Argishti I
Successor Rusa I
Issue Rusa I
Father Argishti I
Mother Bagena
Detail from quiver ascribed to Sarduri II

Kingdom of Urartu under Sarduri II, 743 BC


Sarduri II notably expanded Urartian territory by conquering the northern region of Colchis, as well as Melid and Kummuh in the Euphrates valley. In 743 BC, at a battle located somewhere in Kummuh, the Assyrians, under Tiglath-pileser III, defeated Sarduri and his anti-Assyrian coalition, forcing the Urartians back across the Euphrates.

Sarduri II was so confident in his power that he erected a massive wall at Tushpa (modern-day Van) with the following inscription:

“the magnificent king, the mighty king, king of the universe, king of the land of Nairi, a king having none equal to him, a shepherd to be wondered at, fearing no battle, a king who humbled those who would not submit to his authority.”

He was succeeded by his son, Rusa I.


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